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Created on 2012, PLENITUDE wishes to become a new reference towards professionalism and Client orientation standards on the Energy and Internationalization areas.


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PLENITUDE on Económico TV

"Comissão Executiva" program broadcasted by Económico TV on last 28th of March were topics like Inovation, R&D, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness of Portuguese companies were discussed by Luís Martinez from Nova Business School, Tawfiq ...

Energy Highlights

Enphase and SolarEdge participating in grid services pilot with APS

Last week, microinverter supplier Enphase Energy announced its participation in Arizona Public Service’s (APS) residential battery pilot grid services program. SolarEdge is also participating and more will be added soon, according to APS.

The distributed energy resource (DER) program offers two options for homeowners in APS’s service territory with batteries from participating vendors to earn money through one-time, upfront incentives. Customers who sign up for the program and simply share their data with APS, including basic information about them and their system, will earn $500 per installed kilowatt of battery capacity with a cap of $2,500 per home.

Alternatively, homeowners can enroll in the program, share their data with APS, and allow the utility to use the stored energy from their batteries on demand to provide grid services when they are needed. These customers will be eligible to earn the same $500 per installed kilowatt of battery capacity (up to $2,500 per home), plus an additional one-time payment of up to $1,250, for a total maximum incentive of $3,750 per home. Program participants will be enrolled for a term of three years with both options.

Developing a Common Approach to Aggregation of Residential DERs for Grid Resiliency is an educational session planned for next month’s DISTRIBUTECH International, set for Dallas from January 26-28. Register today!

APS expects to call upon enrolled batteries for additional power to meet demand up to 100 times per year. Participants must be APS residential customers and be on a Time-of-Use (TOU) service plan or a grandfathered service plan with a solar energy rate rider. The program is designed for newly interconnected batteries. Customers with existing batteries are not eligible to enroll.

“It’s a win-win for everyone. Homeowners get a more affordable battery, and the utility company gets a better understanding of how to scale distributed energy resources in the future,” said John Black, founder of Black Platinum Solar

“Batteries are now discussed in nearly all of our conversations with customers, whether for backup protection or additional savings by using stored solar energy at night,” said Ryan Saffarini, chief executive officer at PE Solar. “With this new incentive from APS, the math works out for many more homeowners to add new Enphase IQ batteries to their solar systems.”


Emera Technologies microgrid in a box receives green light from UL

The fire safety certification is a significant milestone that means Emera can now sell the solution to other utilities.    

After a demanding testing and evaluation process, Emera Technologies announced today it has received UL 9540 fire safety certification for BlockBox, the distributed nanogrid energy storage system that controls its BlockEnergy microgrid platform. 

BlockEnergy is the first utility-owned community microgrid for residential and commercial-scale applications. The fire safety certification is a significant milestone that means Emera can now sell the solution to other utilities.    

The microgrid integrates renewable energy, storage, and smart distributed controls to facilitate easily scalable systems in new residential communities. The energy storage and control system, uses EnerDel’s lithium-ion batteries and acts as a smart hub for the energy load it serves on the microgrid. BlockBoxes are connected on a common bus at various end-load sources, incorporating the battery management system, controls, and communications for the load, thereby serving as the integration point of various energy sources into the battery. 

 “Less than two years ago we completed our proof of concept for the BlockEnergy microgrid and distributed BlockBox nanogrids at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico. Achieving the UL 9540 certification represents a crucial safety milestone in our engineering and development work,” says Rob Bennett, president and CEO of Emera Technologies.

“We look forward to completing our first commercial and residential BlockEnergy microgrid installations in Tampa, Florida, and Fairmount Heights, Maryland, in early 2022.” 

Microgrids could play a significant role in achieving a renewable and resilient energy future. BlockEnergy’s utility-centric model allows utilities to own and operate distributed energy resources (DER) that can be integrated with utility grid infrastructure. The BlockEnergy system provides interoperability in both grid-connected mode and island mode, when outages are affecting the broader grid. 

The testing and evaluation were conducted by independent, third-party lab TÜV Rheinland.  

Rob Bennet, president and CEO of Emera Technologies will be speaking at DISTRIBUTECH International on January 27, 2022 in the Renewable and Energy Storage Hub.


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Luanda’s Projekta Fair Debriefing


PLENITUDE's presence and services support delivered at PROJEKTA FAIR at Luanda's FIL Exhibition Center last October was considered a success by the 9 Portuguese Companies present at AEP's stand. During this reference event, 9 Portuguese companies ...

PLENITUDE awarded with “Trophy DNA 2013″


PLENITUDE received the Trophy DNA 2013 delivered by the President of Cascais Municipality, Dr. Carlos Carreiras, on the 13th of June at Praça 5 de Outubro in Cascais, together with other 21 companies supported by DNACascais Agency. The initiative...

Asset Development & Management

Born strategic to grow valuable


Interested on developing energy assets internationally? Especially nowadays, it’s not enough to identify target markets and try to get projects on them. To do it properly in terms of value, risk and timing you need a strong Partner with solid track-record and local know-how and networking support that can deliver truly tailor-made services following your individual asset development criteria. With us you manage to have fully integrated services from Green-Field to O&M that assist you to develop real projects with solid market value.
Grab it with Plenitude!

Internationalization Support Services

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The world looks far so easier when you have someone reliable by your side highlighting your internationalization process according to what you need! In today’s world Internationalization is not about consultancy but about local practical support! That’s what we do for you: we created an integrated suite of services targeted to provide practical field support at the final destination markets providing your company increased speed and reduced time-to-market while clearing your way from avoidable risks and even assisting you on finding available financing mechanisms. You’ll get much faster and safer to your internationalization destiny market, reaching global success!

Innovative Energy Solutions

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We have plenty solutions to innovate, save and profit! Take this chance and enjoy the best our planet supplies to all of us – changing the way you waste and use your energy will change your business and lifestyle in an unimaginably light way. From the sun to the wind, from the water to other forms of energy, we present it to you several innovative equipment and service solutions ranging from off-grid solar systems to Wind/Solar O&M systems based on UAV technology.


Check our history and see it for yourself: trustworthiness and ambition are really hard to find inside and outside borders. Our results do not lie: we are bound for success. You are too!


PLENITUDE has crafted special relationships with a selection of top notch strategic and operational Partners who extend its services with high standards, thus originating a powerful integrated business network, only to provide you the best.