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Plenitude has arrived to the energy business in a global time, where innovation and competitiveness are meant to be the main features leading to success, and professionalism and Client orientation are the required standards for merit recognition.


We have 3 business areas: Asset Development & Management, Internationalization Support Services and Innovative Energy Solutions that mark the difference in A NEW PATH TOWARDS THE SUCCESS OF YOUR BUSINESS, operating on a corporate level segment (Private Clients, Official and Governmental Institutions and Investment Funds, etc.) at a national and international level:
  • sensing the market business opportunities and the possible MARKET STRATEGIES TO REACH PROFIT with risk minimization;
  • assessing international markets for INTERNATIONALIZATION OPPORTUNITIES to support companies to reach new geographies and business areas;
  • offering a series of INNOVATIVE ENERGY SOLUTIONS based on off-grid energy generation and appliance, intelligent energy management/saving systems, Wind/Solar O&M services based on UAV technology and other cutting edge services.
By choosing Plenitude, OUR CLIENTS RETHINK THEIR COMPANIE’S VALUE MAP  including both service and products, sharing moral and business principles which will help them to reach the global needed flexibility.


Plenitude is managed by Pedro Leão, holding an Electrical Engineer diploma (UC) and Post-Graduations on Information Systems Management (IST) and Renewable Energy Management (UCP), while holding  a MBA (AESE/IESE). Pedro Leão counts more than 16 years of experience on the energy sector, having collaborated with the most prominent companies of the sector in Portugal – EDP, REN, MIBEL/OMIP, MARTIFER and others. In an international level, Pedro Leão occupied Board Member positions on more than 10 companies in Spain, Italy, UK, Greece, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Australia, Brazil, having completed with success several large scale operations. Also being a Teaching Fellow on AESE Business School, Pedro Leão collaborates in the International Strategy Area giving classes to national and international management programs, and in the writing of strategy Case-Studies, being also responsible for the AESE – Project Management Seminary.

PLENITUDE IS READY TO SPREAD GOOD ENERGIES to your business. What are you waiting for?

We keep OUR VISION towards the future

We work:

  • To be recognized towards the wide value-chain competences in the Energy and Company Internationalization areas;
  • To be confirmedly considered the best Energy and International Business services provider;
  • High flexibility, proximity, value and risk sharing are the tools we use while working with Clients and Partners;
  • To provide Clients with a suite of integrated turn-key solution services Plenitude has developed a powerful business network of top notch strategic and operational Partners that extend its services with high standards.

OUR VALUES are tools for success