What’s New on WordPress.com: Tools to Make Designing Your Site Easier Than Ever

At WordPress.com, we’re always adding features and pushing our blocks and Site Editor to do more so that you can create, design, and publish amazing things with ease. Our newest features are largely design-focused, giving you the confidence to explore a variety of styles and then easily apply them across your entire site. 

Let’s jump in and see what’s new. 

Browse Mode: An easier way to navigate the Site Editor 

Browse Mode allows you to easily explore, navigate, and edit your site’s templates and template parts, including adding new templates right from this interface. To play around with Browse Mode, simply click your site’s icon from the Site Editor. 

When to use this feature: You want to see how all the pieces of your site fit together — and to jump between your templates and template parts for easy editing.  

Clearer access to your advanced block settings

With more powerful blocks comes the need for easier, more intuitive access to advanced settings for those blocks. To that end, we’ve split block settings into two tabs within the sidebar. On the left side, you’ll find standard customization options like color, typography, and spacing. On the right side, you’ll find more advanced options, like layouts, custom CSS, and a button to apply changes across your entire site (more on that below).  

When to use this feature: You’re working on your navigation menu and need more customization than just color or typography options. Go over to advanced settings to change the orientation of the menu from horizontal to vertical — among other things! 

Preview style options with the Style Book 

A number of themes, including staff favorite Twenty Twenty Three, now come with styles, which change the look and feel of your site — color, spacing, etc. — within the overarching design aesthetic of the theme. 

With the newly launched Style Book, you can now see how various styles affect different blocks. You’re able to preview colors, typography, embeddable media, and more. 

When to use this feature: You’re curious about switching up the colors or typography on your site, but you want to know what it’ll look like, especially within specific blocks, before committing. 

Apply design changes across your entire site  

When working and designing in the Site Editor, it’s easy to find yourself having created a certain style that you really like and want emulated across your entire site. With our new “Apply globally” button, you can do just that. 

When to use this feature: You’ve spent some time styling a heading (or other block) on your homepage or a page template, and you want that look to carry over across all the headings (or whichever block you’re working with) on your site. 

In Case You Missed It 

In the midst of holiday season business, you may have missed some of our other recent and exciting updates:  

Boost your traffic with Blaze

Learn how to turn your posts and pages content into clean, compelling ads that run across millions of sites on WordPress.com and Tumblr.

Explore new themes   

We introduced five beautiful new designs in January, including our new default theme, Twenty Twenty Three. 

Grab yourself a .link domain 

A .link domain name and Link in Bio page supercharges your social media by giving you a place to host all of your links.

Insert chapter breaks on your videos 

Chapter breaks offer a quick, convenient way for viewers to navigate longer videos or see the outline of a video’s content at a glance. 

Share your work-in-progress website

With Site Previews, you can generate a unique link for your in-progress Business or eCommerce site that allows your team or clients to access and explore the site without needing to log in. 


Supercharge Your Social Media With a New Link in Bio Page

Social media is a great place to build and connect with your audience while promoting your offerings. However, you don’t own your social profiles or traffic. Creating a Link in Bio page with w.link enables you to truly own your content and traffic while tailoring it to increase your engagement and conversion rates across all of your social channels.

You can also embed Paypal, Amazon stores, an e-commerce store, and other features that allow you to continue earning money.

As a creator, we know how much effort and time goes into finding the right audiences and perfecting your offering. We know you already manage multiple deadlines and channels, with increasing competition everywhere you look. We wanted to make it a lot easier for you to handle your operations while making sure you can link to all your available channels and revenue streams.

Set up your Link in Bio with ease

Once you’ve picked a URL at w.link, simply choose your design, upload your profile image, tweak your site info, and add your links. You’ll be launching your Link in Bio site within minutes!

Once you add your unique link to your social profiles, you’ll be able to monitor traffic and stats from your WordPress.com dashboard.

We don’t limit the number of links you can have, so any time you have a new product, offering, or site to share, you can swap out a link and we’ll preserve your old links and traffic. Alternatively, you can add as many new links as you need to your Link in Bio site.

A domain that comes with unparalleled performance

Link in Bio sites powered by w.link are optimized  for the best performance across web and mobile, with spectacular load times. We know social media is a 24/7 job, so our never-sleeping servers ensure that business goes on (even while you sleep!) and we can handle the traffic with ease when your content goes viral.

Helping content creators win

Get started today with a free .link domain with any paid plan, or for just $0.99 for a new .link domain registration. We’re committed to investing in creators! Win it with w.link!

Want to learn more before jumping in? Read this article about all the tips and tricks we have ready for you.


Say Hello to the New Jetpack Mobile App

As we settle into 2023, we’ve been thinking about ways to help you get the most out of your WordPress site throughout the year. That’s where the new Jetpack mobile app comes in! 

We know inspiration doesn’t wait for you to be sitting at your desk. It can strike anywhere. With the new Jetpack mobile app, you have the freedom to snap a photo to post while out on a walk, begin drafting your Bloganuary entry on your morning commute, or make tweaks to your content while on your lunch break.

Inspiration, we’re ready for you!

What’s more, the app brings the tools you need to manage and grow your site right to your fingertips: 

  • Understand how your content is performing and know what’s resonating with your audience using Stats and Insights.
  • Reply to comments on the go, see when your traffic is booming, and stay engaged with your audience with Notifications.
  • Discover new bloggers and catch up with your favorite sites using the Reader.

We’re constantly working on new ways to improve the Jetpack app and make it the best possible way to WordPress on the go. Daily blogging prompts to help spark different content ideas are an example of one recent feature we’re excited to continue iterating on. In addition, you can now use the app to log into WordPress.com on your computer simply by scanning a QR code.

Have ideas for features or improvements you’d like to see within the app? We’re all ears! Let us know in the comments below.


What’s the difference between the WordPress and the Jetpack apps?

Your favorite Jetpack-powered features from the WordPress app – including Stats, Notifications, and the Reader – have a new home: the Jetpack app! These features will soon be removed from the WordPress app so that its focus will be on essential user and publishing tools. With the Jetpack app, you can expect the same attention to core features like managing and editing content, as well as next-level tools to grow your audience on a trusted platform.

How do I migrate my data and settings from the WordPress app to the Jetpack app?

If you have the latest version of the WordPress app installed, your data and settings will be automatically transferred to the Jetpack app. Data that will be transferred includes locally stored content, saved posts, and other in-app preferences.

Simply download the Jetpack app and you’ll be “auto-magically” logged in with all your content in place.

Is there an additional cost?

The Jetpack app is free to download and you can continue to use the same features that you enjoy with the WordPress app, at no additional cost.

Why are there two apps, and which should I use?

WordPress comes in more than one flavor and serves a diverse range of site administration needs. After listening to a lot of feedback around varying expectations, we settled on creating two options for you to WordPress on the go:

  1. The WordPress app will focus on WordPress’ core functionality. If you’re looking for the essential tools you need to publish on the go, with support for offline editing and the ability to upload media straight from your phone’s camera roll, then this may be the app for you.
  1. The Jetpack app is the premium mobile publishing experience for our super-connected world. With it, you’ll get all the essential tools that come with the WordPress app, plus a suite of features for growing your site. Track the performance of your content with Stats, get notified about comments and reactions with Notifications, and discover content and join communities with the Reader. Whether you’re new to publishing on the Internet or a seasoned veteran, have a WordPress site already or want to start a new one — download the Jetpack app today for a great set of tools to start or grow!

Either app is available for you to use. Once you’ve decided which app is best for you, please delete the other. Managing your site across both apps is currently unsupported and may lead to issues like data conflicts.

We’re excited to offer different apps to suit different needs and will be sharing further details over the coming weeks. In the meantime, we want to hear from you! Please feel welcome to comment on this post with any questions or feedback you may have.


Introducing Blaze: A New Way to Ignite Your Growth on WordPress.com

At WordPress.com we’re always looking for ways to make building and running your web site simpler and more impactful (and more fun!).

One of the biggest challenges for any site owner is finding your readers, fans, customers, or subscribers. Until now, promoting your WordPress.com web site required multiple tools, online accounts, professional design and marketing skills, and – yes – lots of money.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Blaze, a new tool allowing anyone with a WordPress blog to advertise on WordPress.com and Tumblr in just a few clicks. How? By turning your site content into clean, compelling ads that run across our millions-strong network of blogs.

How Blaze works

If your website is hosted on WordPress.com, then head to wordpress.com/advertising and select your website — you’ll see a list of recent posts and pages you can promote. If your WordPress site isn’t hosted on WordPress.com, you can take advantage of Blaze through the Jetpack plugin.

Alternatively, when viewing the post or page list in your WordPress.com dashboard, click the ellipses (three dots) next to any individual post/page to bring up a new menu, then click “Promote with Blaze.”

Now you’ll be in the Blaze Campaign Wizard.

Step 1: Design your ad. The wizard automatically formats your content into a beautiful ad, but you can adjust the image and text however you like.

Step 2: Select your audience. Want to target the whole world? Only people in certain areas? Folks who are reading content about a specific category, like movies or sports? As you adjust these settings, you’ll see our estimate of how many people you’ll reach.

Step 3: Select your dates and set your budget. Run your ad for up to 28 days. As you update your budget and dates, we’ll tell you how many more people you’ll reach.

Step 4: Finish and pay. We may offer the lowest ad prices in the industry, but we also protect your content with a system backed by Verity and Grapeshot. So rest easy knowing that your ads will only show up where they’re supposed to — and nowhere you’d feel strange about.

Once your ad is running, you can check how it’s doing in the “Campaigns” tab of the advertising page.

Our campaigns are billed weekly based on how many times your ad is shown, so you’ll only ever pay for what you signed up for. As always, you can find even more details about this tool on our support page.

This feature is currently only available to users with “English” set as their primary language, but we’re working hard on bringing it to other languages as well.

Let us know what you think about Blaze!

We’re excited to launch this powerful new feature, and we’re eager to get feedback. If you have any questions about it, challenges while using it, or ideas to make it better, please share them with our team. We’ll make sure a real person reads through all of the feedback, and we’ll be working tirelessly to make sure that this tool is something valuable for you.


Hot Off the Press: New WordPress.com Themes for January 2023

The WordPress.com team is always working on new design ideas to bring your website to life. Below you’ll find the four newest themes that we’ve added to our library, with beautiful options for food-based businesses, podcasts, and bloggers.

To install any of the below themes, click the the name of the theme you like, which brings you right to the installation page. Then simply click the “Activate this design” button. You can also click “Open live demo,” which brings up a clickable, scrollable version of the theme for you to preview.

Premium themes are free to use for any user on a Premium plan or above, or can be purchased individually by those with free sites or Personal plans.

You can explore all of our themes by navigating to the “Themes” page, which is found under “Appearance” in the left-side menu of your WordPress.com dashboard. Or, just click here:

Twenty Twenty-Three

Twenty Twenty-Three is designed to take advantage of the new design tools introduced in WordPress 6.1.

With a clean, blank base as a starting point, this default theme includes ten diverse style variations created by members of the WordPress community.

Whether you want to build a complex or incredibly simple website, you can do it quickly and intuitively through the bundled styles or dive into creation and full customization yourself.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.

Tazza (Premium Theme)

Tazza puts the spotlight on your products and your customers. This theme leverages Woo Commerce to provide you with intuitive product navigation and the patterns you need to master digital merchandising.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.


Calyx is a minimalist theme designed for single-page websites. Featuring a coming-soon pattern on the homepage, Calyx is a perfect choice to spread the word about the upcoming opening of a cafe, restaurant, or bar.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.


Muscat is a simple blogging theme with grid post templates and a centered post layout. Its geometric sans-serif typography contributes to a delightful, comfortable, and modern reading experience.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.


Loudness is a bold opinionated theme created with music education in mind. Use Site Editor tooling and relevant patterns to create a unique experience.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.

Stay tuned for more updates about new themes, patterns, blocks, and other exciting product updates! And be sure to click below to take a look at the entire showcase of themes we offer:


Welcome Gumroad Merchants: An Easy Path Over to WordPress.com

If the recent Gumroad price change announcement has you considering a migration from Gumroad to WooCommerce, we’re here to welcome you with open arms. Changing eCommerce platforms may seem like a big hurdle to overcome, but we have an expert team in place to help you migrate your Gumroad store to the WordPress.com eCommerce Plan with WooCommerce.

With lower fees and transparent pricing, you’ll improve your margins and expand your earning potential. 

We’ve also created a tailored migration guide to walk merchants through importing from Gumroad to WooCommerce. This step-by-step process requires no technical expertise and will enable you to seamlessly transition your store.

When the import is complete, you’ll have a ready-to-go site with your content preloaded. Your customers will never know the difference. 

If you’re looking to get help moving from Gumroad, reach out now.


An Easier Way to Share Progress on Your Website

Do you build sites for others? Have you ever struggled to coordinate and manage access to in-progress projects? How often do you have to help clients reset their passwords? We feel your pain, and we’re excited to announce Site Preview Links, a feature that will let you easily share a “Coming Soon” Business or eCommerce site.

Use Site Preview Links to Share Your Work

With Site Preview Links, you can generate a unique preview link for your in-progress Business or eCommerce site, allowing your team or clients to access the Coming Soon site without having to log in. This way, you can easily show off your work-in-progress and get feedback from your stakeholders without having to resend invites, update user roles, or reset passwords.

You can create and access the preview link directly from the Sites page:

You can then share the link with your team or client. When they access the preview link, they’ll bypass the Coming Soon screen and be able to view your site.

Site Preview Links is an easy-to-use feature that will save you time and hassle. It’s perfect for anyone who builds websites for others, whether you are an agency with a growing client roster, a contractor with just a handful of projects, or simply someone who knows a lot of people who need websites.

How Site Preview Links Work

WordPress.com uses a secure HMAC hashing algorithm to generate Preview Link that is unique across all sites. The possible number of unique hashes is 2256, which heavily exceeds the number of grains of sand in the world!

Users who access your site using the shared preview link can continue navigating through the site, as WordPress.com uses a browser cookie to preserve the link value for the user’s session.

The link won’t expire, but you can disable it anytime. Users who already have access to your site using the preview link won’t be able to access the site anymore once you disable the link.

If you change your mind, you can always enable the link again, and we will generate a new, unique, ready-to-share URL.

If you need help with Preview Links, check out our more detailed guide.

Build Your Next Site on WordPress.com

Try Preview Links today and see how it can help you save time and make your life easier. Your clients will be impressed with the convenience, and you’ll be able to get their feedback faster.

Preview Links are just one of the reasons WordPress.com is the best managed WordPress hosting on the planet alongside other features we released this year: the Sites page, SSH access, SSH keys, and our data center picker. If you are interested in more details, you can follow our Developer Blog.

What other feature would you find valuable? How could we make WordPress.com an even more powerful place to build a website? Feel free to leave a comment or submit your ideas in our short feature request form.


A New Chapter for Video Uploads on WordPress.com

Today we’re excited to announce that you can now add chapter breaks to the videos you upload to your website with our VideoPress feature. Chapters offer a quick way to navigate longer videos and can be a great addition for your viewers.

Streamlined interface

We’ve built a streamlined and easy-to-use interface for your viewers to interact with video chapters. You can hover over the timeline to preview the next chapter and then simply click to navigate to it. The current chapter name is shown after the video timecode, and when you click it opens a menu to quickly jump to the start of any chapter:

How to add chapters to your videos

To add chapters to your video, all you need to do is edit its description in the block editor and add the timestamp for each chapter, followed by a title you’d like to display:

After saving, you’ll see the video block update and automatically display your chapters.

In the video below — which is a showcase for WordPress 6.1 — you can see how chapters work and look. Play around with the bottom toolbar to navigate to different chapters and bring up the chapter list.

We hope you enjoy this feature! Please share any feedback you have or an example of where you’ve used chapters for your videos. We love to see our features in action!

VideoPress is available on our WordPress.com Premium, Business and eCommerce plans. If you have a self-hosted site, check out Jetpack VideoPress to get high-quality and ad-free videos for your site.


Write and Publish Your Newsletter on WordPress.com

Newsletters have become one of the most powerful and popular ways to reach audiences directly with your content. What you might not know is that WordPress.com has built-in features to send new posts out as an email newsletter – automatically. We’re proud to power tens of millions of emails from WordPress.com sites every day, keeping readers up to date with the latest stories from their favorite creators. 

We’re introducing WordPress.com Newsletter – with its own dedicated theme – to make it even easier to get up and running without going through the full website-building process. Newsletter gives you a place to write and build an audience, with the flexibility of WordPress under the hood to grow in many different directions.

The simplicity of a newsletter. The power of WordPress.

One of the things that sets Newsletter apart is having the power and tools of WordPress.com to hand when it comes to personalizing and growing your newsletter. 

With WordPress.com Newsletter you can:

  • Add unlimited email subscribers
  • Import subscribers from other platforms
  • Launch with a beautiful, ready-made theme or customize every detail with a myriad of Block Patterns 
  • Stylize your newsletter with a background image, site icon, and accent color 
  • Schedule email publishing
  • Monetize your site (stay tuned for more paid subscription features)
  • Use a free .blog subdomain or connect a custom domain with one of our paid plans
  • Publish on the go with Post by Email – making writing a newsletter as simple as sending an email

Connect directly with your audience.

Whether you’re publishing brilliantly-crafted essays, updates for friends and family, or running a flash sale for your store, having a direct connection with your audience can make all the difference. 

Newsletters have become an incredibly popular way to reach your followers through their email inboxes. Email newsletter engagement is that much higher than on social channels, with a much better shot of your readers clicking through to your site.

Start a Newsletter from scratch.

If you’re thinking about starting from scratch, we’ve added a streamlined flow to create your own beautiful newsletter site in minutes. 

Choose an accent color, add a logo, pencil in a quick description, give your newsletter a name, and you’re ready to start writing your first post.

Add a Newsletter to your existing site.

If you already have a WordPress.com website, it’s pretty simple to let your audience subscribe to it as a newsletter. 

Add a Subscribe Block or one of our Newsletter Subscription Patterns to your site, and you’re done. Readers who subscribe by adding their email address will be notified whenever you publish new posts. If you need a little more help getting set up, check out our support guide to get started. 

And if you’d rather make a fresh newsletter – separate from your existing site – you can get started here

Help shape what comes next.

Just as WordPress.com continues to evolve, we’re also progressing the WordPress.com Newsletter experience. We’ll continue to roll out additional features to help you connect with your readers through newsletters. Give WordPress.com Newsletter a try and let us know what you think! 


Maximize Your Site’s Performance by Choosing Your Primary Data Center

Do you want even more control over how your site is hosted? We’re excited to add a new feature to our hosting toolbox: you can now choose your primary data center when enabling hosting features on your WordPress.com Business site.

While all sites on WordPress.com benefit from high-frequency CPUs, automatic data center failover, and worry-free burst scaling, selecting your primary data center gives you the ability to keep your content closer to your audience. 

Choose Your Primary Data Center

By default, all WordPress.com sites are added to the optimal data center. If your audience is primarily in a specific region, you can maximize performance by picking the data center in that region.

To select a primary data center, click on “Choose a data center instead” when visiting Settings > Hosting Configuration and activating hosting features. Once you do so, you’ll be able to select your preferred primary data center.

WordPress.com has four primary data centers to choose from — with more on the way: US West, US Central, US East, EU West. We also operate over 20 secondary data centers across six continents. Our platform automatically stores and serves your content from the closest server to your users. By selecting a primary data center, you can shorten the distance your content has to travel.  

Our Data Center Secret Sauce

Many hosting providers resell existing solutions built for hosting a variety of web applications. We built our hosting for WordPress, and running our own data centers is the “secret sauce” that makes our sites so fast.

The key ingredients to our secret sauce: 

  • High-Frequency CPUs. We use high-frequency CPUs to process WordPress and WooCommerce-specific queries at incredible speeds. Other hosts use lower performance CPUs and charge extra for better CPUs, if they’re even available.  
  • Automatic Data Center Failover. In addition to backups, every WordPress.com site is replicated in real-time to a second data center in a different region. Under the hood, we use ZFS to provide snapshots and also block-based replication. This unique, geo-redundant architecture helps ensure your site operates with maximum uptime.
  • Worry-Free Burst Scaling. WordPress.com runs an in-house PHP build that integrates with our resource management tools and monitoring. It even allows for configurations to be changed dynamically on a per-request basis. Any WordPress.com site can instantly scale to over 100 PHP workers if the need arises.

Custom data centers are just one of the many reasons why WordPress.com is the best managed WordPress hosting on the planet.

Host Your Next Site on WordPress.com

Building on our multi-site management and SSH access, the primary data center picker is yet another reason to host on WordPress.com. Our goal is to make WordPress.com an enjoyable, indispensable part of your workflow.

What other features would you like to see available? How could we make WordPress.com an even more powerful place to build a website? Feel free to leave a comment or contact our friendly support.


Consumo de energia cresce 4,1% em 2021, diz CCEE

O consumo nacional de energia elétrica encerrou 2021 com crescimento de 4,1% em relação ao ano anterior, alcançando 64.736 megawatts (MW) médios, segundo dados divulgados nesta quarta-feira (19) pela Câmara de Comercialização de Energia Elétrica (CCEE). Para a instituição, o desempenho do consumo reflete a retomada da atividade econômica, que foi fortemente afetada pela pandemia ...

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Consumo de energia em dezembro foi o maior segundo EPE

O Brasil teve em dezembro de 2021 o maior consumo de energia para o último mês do ano, desde o início da série histórica da Empresa de Pesquisa Energética (EPE), iniciada em 2004. O dado foi anunciado nesta terça-feira (1) pela estatal, puxado pela alta de consumo nos setores comercial (5,6%) e industrial (3,9%). O ...

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EDP tem lucro líquido de R$ 809 milhões no 4º tri com dividendo recorde

A elétrica EDP Energias do Brasil, da portuguesa EDP, registrou lucro líquido de R$ 809 milhões no quarto trimestre, alta de 15,6% ante o mesmo intervalo em 2020, informou a companhia nesta quinta-feira (17) ao anunciar ainda o pagamento de dividendo recorde. Já o lucro antes de juros, impostos, depreciação e amortização (Ebitda) ajustado entre ...

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Cemig avança em planos para construção de usinas solares de maior porte

A Cemig marcou para 11 de fevereiro a abertura de propostas de fornecedores para a construção de cerca de 250 megawatts-pico (MWp) em projetos solares, com a estatal mineira avançando em empreendimentos fotovoltaicos maiores em sua estratégia de retomar crescimento orgânico no setor de geração de energia renovável. À Reuters, o diretor de geração e ...

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Brasil ganharia US$ 22 bi com mais investimentos em energia eólica

O Brasil poderia adicionar cerca de 1,350 milhão de empregos e US$ 22 bilhões à sua economia se investisse mais em energia eólica até 2026. É o que aponta um relatório do Conselho Global de Energia Eólica divulgado nesta quinta-feira (17). O estudo traça dois cenários possíveis para o setor no Brasil. No primeiro, de ...

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